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“Not Security, but Protection.”

Security is an idea. It’s the perceived feeling that you are separated from a threat. This world is changing, and the ideas of security that we once knew are no longer enough. Security guards, security cameras, locked boxes, cell phones, and metal detectors are things that make us feel secure but they don’t provide safety. At Ballistic Security Enterprises we are not security, we are protection.

As Seen in Providence Business News

When protection matters

When he retired from law enforcement after a 22-year career in Franklin County, Massachusetts, Courtney Sojka wanted to apply his skills to a new security-focused endeavor; but the last thing he wanted to do was become a mall cop.

“Normal security jobs pay just over minimum wage and are not looked on with a great deal of respect. I wanted to do something different and [found] executive protection,” he said. [KEEP READING on the PBN WEBSITE]


Experienced, Tactical, Prepared.

Our Specialized Skills

Founded by retired 20-year law enforcement professional Courtney Sojka, Ballistic Security Enterprises only employs the most advanced personal protection specialists. Our employees are either career backed law enforcement or military professionals that attend a specialized personal protection training facility.


Discreet, Respectful, Dedicated.

Customer Service

You will feel comfortable and secure with a Ballistic Security Enterprises personal protection detail. We are not just protection, we are respectful of your needs and wishes. Our personal service is top of the line and your detail with always be professional in appearance and attitude. Our concierge level service is why our clients return to Ballistic Security Enterprises time after time.

Protecting What Matters Most

Protestors, pirates, kidnappers, criminals, terrorists, extortionists, abductors, thieves, and even assassins are targeting todays affluent, industrialists, and celebrities

Some say these threats are intensifying, and individuals in these categories are fortifying themselves and their personal security with sophisticated cutting edge head of state level protection.

A professional career criminal will seek you out while traveling by land, air and sea or even if just enjoying the comforts of your own home. These are nervous times for the affluent around the world, even for Facebook financier Sean Parker co-founder of Napster who tweeted “I have a whole new set of problems to deal with now; security, extortion attempts, kidnapping attempts, death threats, etc.”

Experts say that the high net worth, celebrity, political and industrial life styles are casting weary global eye on social instability.

After such events the affluent have become scope locked on their safety and security. Software tycoon Andy Grover has tweeted “only the paranoid will survive in the end, of more politically correct, only the risk sensitive will survive in the end.”

As a result, a full spectrum of security services has blossomed into a 39 billion dollar industry to reduce the stress, paranoia, and panic and to increase the safety and security of the affluent and what they hold dearest.

Our Protection Services

  • Executive Protection & Personal Protection / Bodyguard. Ballistic Security Enterprises’ advanced planning considers all contingencies and leaves nothing to chance.
  • Residential & Estate Protection. Ballistic Security Enterprises takes protecting your home and family very personally. Ballistic Security Enterprises assures that your home stays your safe and secure.
  • Executive Security. Ballistic Security Enterprises is trained to work with corporate executives whether in their corporate settings or on the move our operators are constantly conducting on going threat assessments to protect our VIP’s from work place violence, protestors, and aggressive patrons
  • Music Industry Security. Ballistic Security Enterprises’ experience in music industry security turns the emphasis from protection to prevention
  • Event Security. Assume the highest standards of preparation and performance in the personal protection industry, then add 50% and you get Ballistic Security Enterprises level of service.
  • Corporate Security. Ballistic Security Enterprises is more than capable of implementing any static industrial type of security to protect Employee’s, Assets, Property, and Intellectual Properties
  • Protection Services. Ballistic Security Enterprises can assess, consult and implement advanced asset proactive measures that can rival any industrial security measures in the industry
  • Maritime/Port & At Sea Anti-Piracy Security. Ballistic Security Enterprises is affiliated with the area’s leading maritime security professionals that can implement a counter piracy action plan and system to protect you while in port or at sea.

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