About Ballistic Security Enterprises

Ballistic Security Enterprises’ advanced planning considers all contingencies and leaves nothing to chance. Ballistic Security Enterprises takes protecting you, your family, home, and whatever you cherish as most precious, very personally.

Courtney Sojka

President, Ballistic Security Enterprises

A Letter From Ballistic Security Enterprises President, Courtney Sojka

I would like to take a minute and introduce myself.  I am Courtney Sojka, President of Ballistic Security Enterprises in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Ballistic Security Enterprises is a personal protection company and it is the only company with certified advanced personal protection specialists North of Manhattan, New York.

When you think personal protection you may think bodyguards, and you may be partially correct, but we are so much more.  Our personal protection specialists are either career backed law enforcement or military professionals that attend a specialized personal protection training facility.  This training is a 400 credit hour training that is only second the secret service and diplomatic security.

Our expertise is to provide elite security protective services while also embracing our additional professional skills. We are professionally trained drivers, experts in estate, travel, motorcade, maritime and port security, combined with personal assistant skills and providing concierge caliber service.

We hope that we will get a chance to speak with you about our unique profession and to satisfy any questions that you might have. We would like to develop a synergistic relationship with you to support your business and to offer more professional quality services to your elite clientele bolstering your network of services.

Security Protection Services that Provide Peace of Mind

Ballistic Security Enterprises is a private security firm that provides personal protection and peace of mind to individuals in any high risk situation, under any circumstances, worldwide. Whether we are escorting executives while traveling worldwide or insuring your child’s safe journey to and from school, our primary concern is our clients’ comfort, safety and well-being.

The Ballistic Security Enterprises team is composed of an exclusive group of operators with a wide variety of security and protection knowledge, experience and backgrounds.

All of our operators are law enforcement special operations professionals or military professionals prior to embarking on a 400 hour (WPS) worldwide protective services training curriculum, the only training curriculum recognized by the U.S. department of State Department. Our operator’s extensive training enhances professional service career skills, making some of the highest skilled protection operators in the industry.

When considering hiring a protection specialist, ask the operators or firms about their training. It is a common misconception that police and military professionals all have training in the protective trade. But, you’d be wrong. Less than 5% of these careers actually receive any training in the field of security especially executive protection.

All of Ballistic Security Enterprises operators are verified with:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • State issued chauffeurs endorsements
  • Multiple state firearms concealed carry permits
  • Advanced emergency medical training credentials

Our Affiliates

Ballistic Security Enterprises affiliates with the best of the best in the industry. Below is a list of companies that we utilize to provide caliber service.