What We Do

We focus on our client and work outward from there.

Protecting you, your life, your business, your family, and your activities is the core of what we do.
We analyze the risk and threat level and apply whatever protection resources the situation requires.

Ballistic Security Enterprises’ advanced planning considers all contingencies and leaves nothing to chance. Ballistic Security Enterprises takes protecting you, your family, home, and whatever you cherish as most precious, very personally.

Assume the highest standards of preparation and performance in the personal protection industry, then add 50% and you get Ballistic Security Enterprises level of service.

We perform and deliver, no excuses; anything less is unacceptable. It is that simple.

Our Promise

Services We Provide

  • Private investigation
  • Threat assessment and surveillance
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Close protection agents for corporate and private protection
  • Immediate deployment domestically or internationally
  • Private ground and air transportation
  • Strategic, advanced and pre-emptive planning
  • Covert and overt protection
  • Low visibility/high visibility operators
  • Secure transportation – armored vehicles
  • Comprehensive personal and employee background investigations
  • Travel logistical support
  • Protective evasive driving
  • Discreet on call physician services
  • Home fortification and defensive systems
  • Intrusion detection and CCTV systems


Executive Protection / Personal Protection / Bodyguard


Residential and Estate Protection


Event and Entertainment Security


Corporate Security


Asset Protection


Maritime – Port and At Sea